Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Oct 1
"Somewhere over the rainbow"
The last song-verse teaser set thing for this chapter (probably).

"Somewhere over the rainbow"

The last song-verse teaser set thing for this chapter (probably).

Meet the Hopes!

From left to right: Amelia Pinewood Cabin Floorplan
(the picture has a caption)

Sidenote: Amelia is currently the only sim in Pinewood to be living by herself!
Also this is the last family of Pinewood, so that’s it for introductions!

Credit: lilith-sims' Hannah Whispers

Meet the Andrews/Edwards’!

From left to right: Kat Andrews Zoey Edwards
(the pictures have captions)

Sidenote: They are just housemates. Although the more I think about it, the more of a Chris/Melissa vibe they give me!

Credit: pfeifchen09’s Fox & Michaela

Meet the Ross’!

From left to right: Hannah / Anna
(the pictures have captions)

Sidenote: Hannah is the one and only Romance sim in Pinewood, whereas her sister is one of countless knowledge sims (good going randomiser)

Credit: pfeifchen09’s Gina & Budgie

Meet the Harts!

From left to right: Felix / Georgia
(the pictures have captions)

Sidenote: The Harts are the only couple in town to live alone (good going randomiser)

Credit: lilith-simsTattooed Bad Boy & pfeifchen09’s Olive

Meet the Harris/Starchilds!

From left to right: Nathan Harris / Oak Stardust / Willow Stardust
(the pictures have captions)

Sidenote: Nathan and Oak are brothers, but Oak has since changed both his names to be one with the "Watcher".

Credit: lilith-sims' João & pfeifchen09’s Lea

Meet the Tripletts!

From left to right: Jackson / Jasmine / James
(the pictures have captions)

Credit: lilith-sims' Fernando

Despite my inability to decorate neighbourhoods and the fact that I have the architectural skill of a garden pebble, I have decided to start a BaCC using didilysimsrules (although my following of those rules might get a little loose at times).

Thanks to silivrin​ for lending me the .SC4 file for their w.i.p neighbourhood terrain. I’ll probably name the rivers, mountains and lakes later, but for now I’ve only named the town: "Pinewood"

You know you’re going to have a bad day when you start the morning off by trying to locate a piece of classical music without knowing the title or composer :(

EDIT: I found it! Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata <3

Somebody thought it would be a good idea to create a ‘family/relation’ tree for Happily Ever After, it started as biological family which was fine and fairly straightforward. It was at this point I began to allow for step-relatives and serious girl/boyfriends, which complicated things a bit but still wasn’t too hard to grasp.

But guess what I did next, I added magical cursed world relations as in Daniel and Mary-Sue’s fake marriage and children. But if that wasn’t enough I added several ‘special exceptions’ onto the tree, for example I added Peter Pan as the father of a person he technically ‘created’. Also the person responsible for turning Gaston into a werewolf also made it in there because that is totally a family relation right?

I thought this would be fun but it escalated into a tangled mess of dotted lines and scrawled handwriting taking up an entire piece of A4 paper! I’d post a picture but there are spoilers for at least four seasons worth of content on that page D: